Resume Writing: Personal Details

This section of your  resume should be the easy part. It simply includes basic information and contact information about  yourself, so that employers or recruiters can reach you  should they  wish to invite your for interview.

An employer is more likely to phone or email you than to contact you by mail, so giving and employer your contact details is essential.

Phone Number

Use a phone number that will be answered throughout your job search. Use your cell phone number so you won't miss a call. Do not include your current work phone number. Your current employer will see you as someone who is taking advantage of company resources. Always include your area code . Store the company number to recognize them when they call you.


If your are not online at home, you can check your e-mail at a public library or at a friend's computer. Set up a free web mail such as Yahoo or Hotmail and make sure you use a sensible e-mail address.


Make sure you include your full address, rather than an abbreviation. Employers  won't be confused if  they decide to send you  a job offer.

Personal Details

Don' t include irrelevant personal information such as your marital status unless it 's relevant to your job application. Only include what will help sell yourself to potential employers.

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