Signpost words

Signpost  words help the writer pursue his/her argument . They tell the reader about the direction of argument . Some of these words are used at the beginning of sentences such as moreover, however, furthermore, nevertheless.

Use of signpost words

  • Addition: additionally ; furthermore;  in addition;  moreover
  • Cause/Reason:  as a result of ; because (used in mid-sentence)
  • Comparison : compared with ; in the same way, in comparison with, likewise
  • Contrast : although; by contrast; conversely; despite; however; nevertheless; yet
  • Effect/Result : as a result ; hence; therefore; thus
  • Exemplification:  for example ; for instance; particularly; such as; thus
  • Reformulation: in other words ; rather ; to paraphrase
  • Summary: finally; hence; at last; before; eventually; subsequently
  • Time sequence: after; at first; at last; before; eventually; subsequently
  • Transition: as far as; is concerned; as for ; to turn to

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